This Indonesian woman who used her raincoat to shield feeding cat from rain is all that’s good with the world

A woman who was filmed shielding a stray cat from the rain while it was eating has touched hearts across the nation, with the video widely circulating on social media and garnering praise from netizens. 

The 10-second clip was uploaded last week by culinary page @kulinerdisolo on Instagram, and it has been confirmed that it was filmed in front of a logistics service outlet on Slamet Riyadi street in the city of Solo, Central Java.

The woman in the yellow raincoat appears to be holding another raincoat on her head over a grey-white cat, who was enjoying its meal amid the pouring rain.

Netizens flocked to the comment section to shower the young woman with praise.

“Thank you. Long live, good person”

“What a warm sight amid the rain… Alhamdulillah (praise God) there are still good people… Stay healthy, Mbak.”

Respect… Thank you Mbak… for being kind to a stray cat.”

In the caption, @kulinerdisolo mentioned the account of the woman in the video, who has been identified as Ristianisa. She said that she was about to pick up her package at the logistics outlet when she saw the cat. It was good timing as she had just bought cat food for her pet cat at home.

“When I arrived at the JNE outlet the rain had subsided, we parked near the sidewalk. There  was a cat walking past us from the direction of angkringan (roadside stall),” Ristianisa said on Friday.

She immediately called the cat and gave it the cat food. However, it started pouring again.

“It was suddenly raining when the cat just started eating. I thought if I moved the cat somewhere else, it would run away and refuse to eat. So I went ahead to cover the cat with my raincoat,” she said.

The cat ran away not long after, but Ristianisa said she was relieved that it had eaten quite a lot of the food that she gave. She said that she often brings cat food with her wherever she goes so she can feed any stray felines she encounters on the road a thoughtful gesture worth trying out ourselves. 

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