High-tech door the cat’s meow but pets wont use it

Alan D. Miller

One of the neighborhood cats has taken a liking to our back porch. And if the back door from the porch to the kitchen happens to be open when he wanders in, he likes a few spots inside the house even better.

In fact, if he gets past the threshold, he makes a beeline for the spot where we keep food for our four cats.

How we ended up with four cats is a good question.

We have had two for many years. First, it was Butch and Bullwinkle. They are long in the grave. The last two came as a package deal about 16 years ago. They were mother and daughter, and they had been abandoned along a bike path. Both were malnourished and, in a word, scrawny.

If only the house cats would use the newfangled cat door I installed.

We were looking for only one cat, but even the mother in her deprived state looked like a kitten. Mom had a sandy blond coat, and thus we named her Sandy. The daughter is a classic tabby with gray, brown and black stripes.

Later, a cat that one of our daughters picked up while living in Texas joined the mix. He is named Toothless, because he looks like the main character in the movie “How to Train Your Dragon.” He is an independent dude who wouldn’t give me the time of day if I offered him a thick steak and milk fresh from a cow.

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