Bertie the cat’s reaction to human spilling his food is the best. He’s gone viral – it s viralBertie the cat’s reaction to human spilling his food is the best. He’s gone viral – it s viral

Have you ever opened your refrigerator a million times looking for something decent to eat and then came up empty handed as you’re unable to find anything that would satisfy your craving? And after nearly giving up, tried it one last time and suddenly found one last chocolate or a piece of your favourite snack hidden behind something? That feeling of pure joy and excitement may be what this cat felt when his human accidentally spilled his food all over the floor.

Meet Bertie Puss, a golden British shorthair, who has won over the Internet for his extremely expressive and rather hilarious reaction to his human’s mistake.

“Just accidentally spilled my cat’s food all over the floor and his reaction was…. a lot,” tweeted Kelly-Leigh Cooper. The tweet has since blown up and made Bertie a star.

Just take a look at his face:

The tweet shared on October 5 has gone insanely viral collecting over 5.2 lakh likes and more than 88,000 retweets and still very much counting.

While people shared a ton of comments about Bertie and the field day he must have had, his human shared some more tweets about him, making this a wonderful thread.

“OMG, these pics are hilarious–thanks for sharing! Bertie aware of the 5-second rule? No time to waste…” commented a Twitter user. “The same look Dobby gave when presented with clothing,” shared another.

Here’s how other’s reacted:

 It even prompted others to share similar stories:

 What do you think of Bertie and his reaction?

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