Tory Burch Is Just A Crazy Dog Mom Like The Rest Of UsTory Burch Is Just A Crazy Dog Mom Like The Rest Of Us

I’m not going to lie. I would not have expected Tory Burch to be a Poodle person. A Yellow Lab or a Springer Spaniel person – something inherently preppy with a sense of heritage – sure. But a Poodle person? Hey – the heart wants what the heart wants!

Though she may be an insanely successful designer, businesswoman and lifestyle icon, at the heart of it, Tory is really just a crazy dog mom like the rest of us. The proud owner of two Miniature Poodles, Chicken and Slim, the fashion favorite frequently shares their adventures on the duo’s personal Instagram.  

Whether she’s posing them with the latest Tory Burch collection, bundling them up for a photo op, letting them roam free around the house, or hilariously highlighting their similarity to fried chicken, Tory is unsurprisingly the epitome of dog mom goals. All she’s got to do is get their profile verified!

Click through for some of our favorite snaps of Tory and her little fluffs!

[Photo via @chickenandslim]

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