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If you have spent any amount of time at a boathouse, you have probably come across at least one boathouse dog. They can be seen riding along in a launch or keeping the geese off of the docks or simply taking a nap while you erg. Back in 2016 the Favorite Boathouse Dog (Collegiate) was Opie from Harvard Radcliffe. It has been a few years and now it is time for the next generation of boathouse dogs to work their way into the spotlight.

Based on the following criteria, the eleven collegiate finalist are listed below with the poll at the bottom of the page:

-Photo of the Dog (preferably at the boathouse)

-Dog’s Name

-Boathouse/Club Affiliation

-Short description of why your boathouse dog is the best.

Voting ends at Midnight on November 10th.

Optimus Prime
Marist College, Hudson River Rowing Association, Formerly of Fairfield University
Beginning his career early, Opti has over 10 years of experience in the field and more regatta wins under his collar than most of us will see in a lifetime. Key attributes include disdainful glances at skinny ergos, a distaste for poor technique and a firm appreciation for the value of the parent’s food tent (he know’s who’s really in charge). Like a true professional this pupper maintains a calm and impassive demeanor at all times except in the case of varmint invasions of his territory which will be treated with extreme violence. An advocate for the use of long walks and hikes as a central part of an effective training plan and a long time advocate of the rowing nutritional doctrine of begging for scraps and eating literally everything and anything. A gentleman and a scholar and truly the best friend and confidant I could have ever asked for.

Northeastern Women’s Rowing
I would call Tucker a comfort dog. He is not the most comfortable “launch” dog, but will rise to the occasion when needed. He is much better at having the athletes of Northeastern Women’s Rowing fawn over him before and after practice. Tucker, (right) sometimes brings his friend Harley, (left) to the boathouse as well. They are great launch buddies.

Georgetown University Women’s Rowing
Reynolds formerly worked at the Franklin & Marshall College Boathouse but decided he needed to show Jack the Bulldog who rules the water at Georgetown. Reynolds is now GUWRA’s #1 fan! Full of tail wags and slobbery kisses, Reynolds is there to pick the team up when they’re down. He’s a big fan of snacks and if you’re willing to share a bite of your sandwich (or anything else for that matter), he will be your best friend forever. You can catch him in the early morning hours as the sun rises waiting for his chance to get in the boat and see his GUWRA friends on the Potomac!

Drexel University
Cardi is a Georgia girl who’s now in Philly at Drexel and on Boathouse row. This photo of Cardi is from our last row in March. In the last 7mo she ditched the life jacket and learned to swim.

University of San Diego
He loves to ride in the launch, loves all the rowers and with a name like Teti, he’s clearly the best!


University of Rhode Island Women’s Rowing
Sully is one of the newest members of the University of Rhode Island Women’s Rowing Team. You can find him hanging out in the launch during practice. He especially loves when the team starts pieces, he gets super excited and for just a moment he acts as if he’ll try and leap to get into a boat! At only 6 months, he captures everyones attention and runs the show at the boathouse. He’ll start AND finish practice by cleaning off the crab shells off the deck (and anywhere else he can sniff them out). He absolutely loves coming to practice and can’t wait for the spring season!

University of Virginia
Well known for his challenging core routines, Riptide, or “Coach Rip” as he is lovingly referred to, has a wealth of coaching experience at multiple universities, high school clubs, and working with the Junior National Team. He is full of personality, a free spirit who marches to the beat of his own drum, and always knows how to make the team laugh. Not afraid to get his paws dirty, Rip is also great at pulling dangerous sticks and buoys out of the water. He’s working hard to break his habit of stealing his athlete’s socks, but understands success doesn’t happen overnight.

Gordon College
Rowsie loves to ride in the launch and can sometimes even be found joining rowers in their boats. When she’s not in the launch, she loves to swim out to meet the team on the water. She is loved by everyone on the team and the boathouse wouldn’t be complete without her.

Merrimack College
This is Brody, my miniature Golden Retriever. He rides the launch every day with me when I am coaching Merrimack College or Riverside Boat Club.

University of Vermont
This is Bosley, from University of Vermont Rowing. He lived a sheltered life before being rescued and now likes to perch on the bow of the launch during practice. 12/10 good boy.

Orange Coast College
This is “Angus”. His owner is 2018 USRowing Medal of Honor Winner, David Grant. Dave is a former Head Coach of Orange Coast College Crew.


Saint Joseph’s University
Hudson is the 3rd assistant on staff here at SJU. He has a technical eye and quotes his favorite drill is paws at bodies over. He is a friend of everyone on the team, and is always cheering them on from the launch. Nothing is better than seeing the way he brightens everyone’s day upon arriving at practice.

Photo Poll – Favorite Boathouse Dog (Collegiate)

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