Man walks stuffed dog| Man walks stuffed dog on leash after curfew to fool police

Man walks stuffed dog on leash after curfew

Man walks stuffed dog on leash after curfew | Image: Events of South Bohemia&nbsp

Ceske Budejovice: People have come up with bizarre ways to step outside their homes amid coronavirus pandemic. Many have dressed up as dinosaurs and giraffe and other animals. Now, a man in the Czech Republic decided to take his dog for a walk after 9 pm curfew. You ask what’s bizarre in that? It was a stuffed toy dog.

When police in Ceske Budejovice after the curfew, the man claimed that he was walking his dog. Dog walking is permitted during curfew hours. “I’m walking a dog here, I’m not doing anything illegal here,” he told the cops.

However, police were quick to determine that the dog at the end of his leash was actually a stuffed toy.

The man then claimed that his walk was an artistic practical joke. The police let him go with a warning.

The dog walker later told the Mlada fronta Dnes that he does not regret his actions.

In July, an Australian man drove 32 kilometres from his home in Melbourne to the main city center in search of butter chicken. He ended up getting caught by the police and was slapped with a fine of $1,652.

In another incident, a 77-year-old man was arrested for hunting Pokemon on the streets of Madrid in March when the entire country was under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Hunting #Pokemon, dinosaurs or any other magical creature is FORBIDDEN during the Alarm State. Don’t make excuses and #StayatHome #SocialResponsibility #COVID19,” Policía Municipal de Madrid’s had tweeted.

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