Home Goods has a lot of dog beds, like, a lot

You can get a nice lamp or a frying pan or a chaise lounge or gourmet coffee, all at Home Goods. Picture frames? Candles? Yes. Those are fine home goods at discounted prices. Oh, they also carry dog beds. Actually, not just a few, but two whole aisles crammed with beds…for dogs. Why??? I don’t know why, but it seems like Home Goods is 40 percent dog beds.

Do all dog owners have a designated padded, fluffy mix of pillow and seat for their canine pals to sleep on? To walk into Home Goods and not already have a bed for your dog would make you feel like an utter boob. The amount of stock implies, “You got a dog? Then you get a bed for them. Are you dumb? Wait…your dog sleeps on the floor? You. Monster.”

Look, if you paid full retail price for a bed for your dog, I can’t help you. You got rooked. But now you know. A discounted dog bed exists out there and it’s at Home Goods. And T.J. Maxx. And Marshall’s–all under the same TJX company specializing in off-price department stores. But, I’m telling you, to have the deepest selection of dog bed options Home Goods is the place.

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