Baby Plays with Dog like his Pal, their Cute Video Goes Viral

– A dog and a baby have shown that they are pals as both had an entertaining time together

– In a clip that has gone viral on Twitter, the dog made the kid laugh uncontrollably by tickling him with its tongue

– Many tweeps who reacted to the video commented on the pureness of the kid’s laughter and the animal’s demonstration of humanity

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While many dogs have proved that they could be man’s best friend as can be seen in the case of a little girl who performed an incredible stunt with her pet, it is not every day one sees a dog playing with a toddler.

In a video that has gone viral on Twitter, a cute black dog could be seen performing good babysitting functions as it entertained a little baby.

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The canine beauty mimicked the child on his fours and it stooped to the baby’s height, almost kneeling in front of him.

Whenever the kid tried reaching out to the dog by touching its face, it would gallop to the side to avoid contact with the toddler while releasing harmless cute barks.

The toddler and the dog had a really great time together.
Photo source: Twitter/@cctv_idiots

The toddler and the dog had a really great time together.
Photo source: Twitter/@cctv_idiots
Source: Twitter

As a way to tickle the baby, the dog would lap at his face. Every time the animal did that, the baby let out a loud laugh.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the interesting reactions the short clip got:

@bronxvilla said:

“That’s a great video to spread the laughter on a Monday.”

@Dandj26David said:

“We just don’t deserve dogs!”

@macca_new said:

“Dogs are so much better than most of humanity.”

@BILLOblue said:

“That makes me smile so much.”

@Thogar said:

“If this doesn’t make you smile I’ll give you double your money back.”

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Meanwhile, earlier reported that in another video, two animals, a dog and tortoise, moved a football around in the garden as they created an avenue for entertainment for each other.

The dog which seemed to have an upper hand than the tortoise in moving around with the ball much faster came down to the pace of its pal.

Whenever it seemed that it had kicked the ball farther from its footie pal, the dog would come around again and push it to the tortoise to also have a go at.

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