PetSmart remains open, some locations close grooming departmentsPetSmart remains open, some locations close grooming departments

PetSmart announced they will keep their doors open as normal for pet parents to be able to get the supplies needed for their animals. They announced that their grooming will be closed, however, due to following local guidelines on safety during the pandemic.

“Petsmart remains open. We are here for you and open for business. We remain committed to keeping our stores open for you to shop for your pet’s needs during these uncertain times. However, we have made the difficult decision to close our grooming salon for an undetermined period of time to comply with local government orders,” said an answering machine for a Los Angeles PetSmart branch.

At the time WVLT tried to reach out to local stores, they were already closed.

However, some local grooming shops have stated on Facebook that they will be opening their businesses back up.

“A Ruff Joint,” a pet grooming salon in Knoxville, announced that they have been cleared to open their doors for business starting next week. They say they are expected to be back as early as Tuesday.

“A fellow groomer in our industry made calls and sent emails and got answers for her fellow groomers and shared her findings with us,” said a local pet groomer in Knoxville to WVLT.

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