Millsboro Woman Hires Pet Tracker to Help Find Missing DogMillsboro Woman Hires Pet Tracker to Help Find Missing Dog

MILLSBORO, Del.- Laurie Miller lost her dog Lily after her fence was left open by contractors October 23. 

Since then, Miller and her husband have been searching high and low for her. 

After exhausting all other options, including flyers, Miller contacted Carmen Brothers, a well-known pet tracker who was featured on National Geographic for her efforts. 

Millers says a neighbor reported seeing Lily this week. The food they left for her was also eaten. 

Friday Brothers used this information to get her dog Magic to find Lily’s scent and try to find her. 

Magic operates similar to a police K-9.

As of Saturday morning, Lily has not been found. 

If you see her or have any information about her whereabouts, please contact animal control, or call 443-540-9287.

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