Ex-army dog, Alex, in fight of his lifeEx-army dog, Alex, in fight of his life

A FORMER military dog may need a life-saving operation following a freak accident.

Alex, the German Shepherd cross, has spent most of his life working in the police and armed forces – but a freak accident earlier this month meant he required life-saving surgery.

His owner, Georgia Coulton, who worked for the Yorkshire Army Regiment with Alex – before both retired – said he is currently at home resting but is “not out of the woods”.

She said: “ Last week Alex had a horrendous accident.

I let him out into the garden for a toilet break but what happened next will haunt me for the rest of my life.

“ I heard a huge bang, something had spooked Alex in the garden and he had run at speed into the back door.

“I ran to him as fast as I could to find him crying in a heap on the floor, wrestling with himself to stand but to no avail.

“It suddenly became apparent that he was paralysed from the waist down.”

Georgia rushed Alex to the emergency vets and he underwent an MRI scan.

She added: “The vets said he needs total rest for four weeks.

“If he worsens or is no better by then he will need surgery, which will cost £5,000 so any donations will be really helpful.”

An MRI Scan alone is around £3,500 a fee which is impossible for me to raise on my own.

Georgia said Alex became a huge part of her training as a dog handler whilst serving in the British army.

She added: “When I was medically discharged from the army, I was faced with the prospect of having to leave a best friend behind. I was heartbroken and couldn’t imagine a life without my faithful companion, who had become so much more than a pet to me.

“Now I am fighting for this life.”

To help donate to Georgia’s cause, visit https://bit.ly/2TMmt64.

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