Cat food, toilet paper trip leaves Richmond woman $675,000 richer

A Richmond resident is $675,000 richer – after popping into Shoppers Drug Mart for cat food and toilet paper.

Dorothy Barnes stopped in at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Williams Road where she decided to buy the “Set For Life” scratch ticket.

“When I realized I had uncovered three cash for life symbols, I dropped my ticket and quickly grabbed my iPad,” said Barnes.

“I returned the next day to the Shoppers Drug Mart and saw the clerk that sold me the ticket. I wanted to share the good news with him.”

Barnes couldn’t wait to tell her partner, who was in the garden dealing with a minor spider problem.

“I was yelling at him to come into the house, so at first he thought that I needed him to kill a spider, but when I told him I had won, he immediately got his phone to share the news with our family and close friends,” she explained.

Barnes plans to travel closer to home after purchasing a new motorhome with her prize, and also wants to pay it forward by setting her children up for the future.

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