Alton Brown’s Twitter Rant Has Food Network Fans ConcernedAlton Brown’s Twitter Rant Has Food Network Fans Concerned

Food Network star Alton Brown had Twitter users concerned Tuesday morning after a string of tweets were posted to the TV chef’s verified account that seemed a bit out of character.

Brown, 58, who is known for his cooking show “Good Eats,” posted several tweets Monday night that ranged from him ranting about running “23 Slim Jims through the juicer” to commanding his fans to “go out right now and buy Fritos and cat food.”

The strange run of tweets caused Brown to trend on Twitter on Tuesday morning as fans posted their concerns that his account was hacked, or, as one user put it, “Is this just what 2020 has done to him?”

Brown’s spree of tweets began with what seemed to be a reference to Election Day, where he said, “No matter what happens tomorrow, we’ll still have tiny chocolate doughnuts. ”

The following tweets from Brown also pertained to snack foods as he posted, “I’m seriously thinking about @LittleDebbie #NuttyBars and cigarettes. Honestly, like at the same time.”

Brown tweeted again, “So many Food Network people are like ‘oh, I’m going to braise short ribs in elderberry jam…’ Screw that, I’m going to mainline moon pies and snort cheese powder!”

His 20-tweet rant, which has racked up thousands of replies to date, continued as the TV personality wrote about everything from Spaghettios, to “stale Twinkies,” Duncan Hines frosting, and Marshmallow Fluff.

Some of the Food Network pros tweets got philosophical, with one post reading, “HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY EVER MET A ‘JOLLY RANCHER’?” and “YOU WANNA EAT WITH THE DEVIL IN THE PALE MOONLIGHT? FINE…EAR WAX.”

He even threw in a reference to Prince during his rant for good measure.

Brown appeared to end his rant by asking his 4.4 million followers, “WHO’S WITH ME?”

While it was unclear at the time of writing if Brown actually wrote the viral tweets or if his account had been hacked, fans are now issuing their concerns for the chef’s well-being.

Others wondered if the rant was related to the U.S. presidential election and thought Brown may become unhinged by Tuesday evening as voting results start to pour in.

Others on Twitter were just glad to be a part of the moment, even if it turned out Brown’s account was hacked.

alton brown Food Network star Alton Brown’s Twitter may have been hacked. Chef Brown attends “Meet The Author” at Apple Store Soho on Nov. 21, 2013, in New York City. Photo: Getty Images/Brad Barket

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