11 Best Dog Harnesses for Every Type of Dog 2020 | The Strategist

If you’ve ever tried to guide a zigzagging puppy’s leash or walk a dog that’s much stronger than you, you know that a simple leash and collar are sometimes not enough. For these situations, and many more, a harness can help.

Safety is, of course, the No. 1 reason to add a harness to the mix. But your dog’s comfort and education (obedience training) are a close second. Of course, every dog is different, and depending on personality, body type, and specific walking routines, each will need something different. “The fit is the most important [factor],” says Dr. Stephanie Liff, DVM, of Pure Paws Veterinary in Brooklyn. “It has to be snug fitting so they can’t get out of it, of good quality so it doesn’t break, and also comfortable.” We talked to professional dog walkers, trainers, and more than one Labradoodle-owning veterinarian to find out which harnesses are the best for every type of dog.

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