Dog carries toddler bag| Pet dog fetches toddler after school and carries her bag, wholesome video makes netizens giddy with joy

Dog fetches toddler from school bus in viral video.

Dog fetches toddler from school bus in viral video.&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspTwitter

An adorable video is doing the rounds on the internet. It was posted on Twitter by a page called ‘The Feel Good Page’ and it will bring about all the positive and good feelings that we have always wanted. 

In it, a pet dog is seen waiting near a school bus. When the door opens, his tail is wagging with happiness when a little girl steps out of it. He then goes on to pick up her bag and walks back with the girl following him.

Take a look. The video is too precious and cannot be missed!

Pet dogs are extremely adorable to live with. As soon as they become a part of a family, they shower them with unconditional love. They may not be capable of expressing love the way humans do, but their little actions and gestures have a special place in our hearts.

Such antics also get captured on the camera. Photos and videos go viral very often which shows the dogs at their wholesome and adorable best. 

Coming back to the above-posted video, it went viral for all the right reasons. The video received close to 20,000 views on the microblogging site. Netizens shared it extensively on all other social media platforms as well. 

They showered the video with a lot of love and appreciation. Some of them also noticed how the dog moved his head up and down, in a way that he was nodding to ‘thank’ the driver. 

What did you think of the adorable video? 

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